Source: (2004) Final Transnational Seminar of the Project M.E.D.I.A.Re (Mutual Exchange of Data and Information About Restorative Justice), Ministry of Justice of Italy, Department of Penitentiary Administration. Rome, June 18-19. Downloaded 26 September 2005.

In perspective, the project intends to give a contribution to the spreading of the already existing legislation and application instruments, and it also aims at proposing suggestions and spurs for comparison with what has been carried out in the partner Countries. The Italian Penitentiary Administration intends to contribute, through this publication, to the spreading of the judicial culture in the penal mediation and intends to accept the proposal, which was made in the course of the project activities, to draft a plan for the training of the penitentiary staff, which could be open also to the local bodies workers. Such training shall aim at teaching the knowledge and the skills necessary to the workers in order to manage the issues relevant to the treatment of the convicted prisoners, so that they may lead the inmates to think about their unlawful behaviour, about the motivation and the consequences of their crime, in order for them to put into practice possible restorative behaviours, and in order to strengthen their path of social rehabilitation. (excerpt)

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