Source: (2010) In, Melinda Gyokos and Krisztina Lanyi, eds., European best practices of restorative justice in criminal Procedure. Budapest: Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, Republic of Hungary.pp. 165-170.

The Czech Republic has a population of approximately 10 million people. The Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic (PMS) was founded in January 2001. IN 2009,the PMS had 340 probation officers and assistants. The PMS operates with approximately 28,000 cases per year, 14% of the cases are connected to juveniles. In the Czech Republic the judicial system is divided into 8 court regions with 74 court districts 9and 74 PMS centres). Each PMS centre has one specialised officer who focuses on issues related to juveniles. According to the Czech Youth Justice Act (YJA) this specialised officer has to receive special training on methods of working with juveniles, their families and on cooperating with other professionals (social workers, teachers, psychologists, lawyers, etc.). (excerpt)

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