Source: (2010) Los Angeles Public Interest Law Journal. 3:161-164,

The principles of Restorative Justice seem to make perfect sense; therefore, I have continued to work in areas that support these guidelines. Upon my release, in December 2008, I volunteered at the Office of Restorative Justice and helped facilitate an RJ workshop at Homeboys Industries. After numerous RJ seminars, conferences, and classes, I have come to the conclusion that RJ is just another name for empathy and compassion. While most areas of society focus on differences, RJ is a way to remind us that we are all the same. Everyone has been a victim, an offender, and part of the community to some degree. We've all suffered injuries and losses- some small and others that become a part of who we are. Whether accidental or otherwise, we've all killed someone's dream or robbed him of his dignity through unkind comments or harsh treatment. We've stolen moments from loved ones through inconsideration. All of this we've done in the name of community. It is these shared circumstances that make it necessary to treat all members of our community with empathy and compassion. (excerpt)