We were one of the first families in El Paso County, I believe, to be offered by the DA's office the opportunity to go to a Restorative Justice Mediation. We were able to sit across the table with the responsible party and ask questions and get answers to all the lingering things swirling in our heads, David’s two older brothers, his sister-in-law and I were there.

During all the court proceedings we saw no remorse in the drunk driver and a previous plea bargain mediation was very brutal and we felt re-victimized. But when we went to the RJM, Dylan was crying and begging for forgiveness. All our questions were answered and his remorse was overwhelming. We all hugged and cried, he soaked my shirts with his tears. We all felt reborn.

Now we have the strength to keep David's legacy alive, so we created David's Fund. We support needy student athletes so they are able to run track, like providing running shoes, cleats, sports fees and healthy snacks. The money is generated through a yearly 5K event in David's honor!

David Mueller Race poster