Source: (2004) Nanaimo, British Columbia: Nanaimo Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Nanaimo Region John Howard Society. Downloaded 18 March 2005.

The Community Justice Forum model is operated under three basic structures in British Columbia: 1) The first is police-based where police officers refer, coordinate, and facilitate. This is a simple, quick, and economical process preferred by smaller communities where referrals would be manageable. 2) In a bigger community like Fort St. John, British Columbia (population: 18,000) the program is community- based, where police refer cases; a community volunteer coordinates the program; and trained community volunteers facilitate the forums. In this structure, a registered society was established with a Board of Directors put in place to oversee the program. 3) A third structure, adapted by our Nanaimo Detachment, is the forming of a partnership with an existing non-profit organization, Nanaimo Region John Howard Society (N.R.J.H.S.). Trained community volunteers facilitate the forums, monitored by a coordinator of N.R.J.H.S. The volume of cases referred in a larger urban detachment area such as Nanaimo required some innovative strategies. (extract)

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