Source: (2005) 22 September. Sheffield, UK: Skills for Justice. Downloaded 9 December 2005.

This suite of National occupational Standards for Restorative Justice (RJ) has been prepared from material derived from three working group meetings comprising experienced RJ practitioners working in different RJ contexts. Also from the ‘Best Practice Guidance for Restorative Practitioners’ published in December 2004 by the Home Office. At this stage the National occupational Standards have not been grouped into Units, though the numbering (that follows the Functional Analysis, indicates a possible structure. This means that they are missing Unit Summaries. These will follow at the next draft stage and following consultation on the standards Included in this suite of standards are a range of Additional Units. It is considered that these will be helpful in building qualification structures for those working as specialists in the restorative justice field. At this stage these have not been modified and are in their current format. There is some overlap as, for example ‘Mediation’ is regarded as one form of restorative justice. (excerpt)

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