Source: (2009) Presentation at Restorative Practices in Schools: The Way Forward. 20 October 2009, Melbourne, Australia.

Aldercourt P.S., Frankston North, is on a journey of improvement in student social wellbeing, self esteem and resilience. Changes in behaviour management practices have improved student connectedness to school which has led to improvements in learning. Restorative Practices have led these behavioural changes. Respect for one another and explicit rules and responsibilities have changed attitudes. An explicit Social Skills teaching program operates weekly. Literacy and numeracy are paramount. Aldercourt is committed to the improved learning of all students to achieve personal success. A playgroup connects parents to each other in a casual environment. Local groups assist in achieving our aim of connecting the community and providing the best possible school environment. Building relationships with each other, parents, local community, local businesses, local community associations and agencies like Ardoch and the Gould League enriches the school experience further. (This PowerPoint is from a workshop presentation about the Aldercourt P.S. experience).

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