Source: (2001) In Reconciliation, Justice, and Coexistence: Theory & Practice, ed. Mohammed Abu-Nimer, pp. 101-127. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books.

While significant attention has been given to pre-negotiation and negotiation in conflict situations, peacebuilding has only recently begun to receive attention. Because of the need for post-settlement reconciliation following conflict, Rasmussen asserts that peacebuilding practices – specifically, relationship building and reconciliation activities – need to be built into both the process of brokering a settlement and the terms of an official agreement. With all of this in mind, he examines the following aspects of brokering and sustaining peace: power sharing, democratization, and negotiating sustainable peace; oversight in overseeing peace negotiations; and rethinking the content and process of peace negotiations (e.g., trust building, rediscovering self and the other).