Source: (2002) In What is community justice? Case studies of restorative justice and community supervision, ed. David R. Karp and Todd R. Clear, pp. 37-58. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

In studying the Coronado Neighborhood Probation Office in Maricopa County, Arizona, Clear and Cannon highlight one of the cornerstones of community justice: accessibility. Management trends for much of the twentieth century often led to centralization of services to increase efficiency. Development of small neighborhood probation offices counters the trend of centralization. A chief purpose is to increase accessibility. Looking at one such office – the Coronado Neighborhood Probation Office – Clear and Cannon explore the following: history and philosophy of the office; the office’s efforts to foster community justice; partnerships between the probation office and other organizations; and lessons and concerns stemming from the office’s work.