Source: (2006) In, Report on the 2006 COnference -- 'Beyond Retribution.' Aukland, NZ: Prison Fellowship New Zealand. pp.167-171.

This section demonstrates clearly that restorative justice is truly a worldwide phenomenon. It has been incorporated in all the major legal systems and is used at every stage of the justice system from police to parole. is broad acceptance of restorative practices can look impressive until one realises that while countries are adding restorative justice programs to their criminal justice systems, they are not replacing repressive criminal justice policies and philosophy. In fact, those policies and philosophy are also thriving. Prison populations are rising in countries known for their restorative justice work, often fuelled by increases in mandatory prison sentences. Earlier speakers have reported that this is happening even in New Zealand. It is almost as though these countries suffer from “criminological schizophrenia”; on one hand they are moving to more inclusive, participatory and reparative practices and on the other they are increasing their reliance on repressive measures. (excerpt)

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