The circle of people gathered in November, 2006, with four survivors who were subjected to clergy abuse while they were children (except for one woman who describes her son committing suicide over it), Archbishop Timothy Dolan (recently installed as the Archbishop of New York), an abusing priest, a couple of other priests, lay church employees, a woman who describes both her own decision to leave the church over the issue and her 97 year old grandmother's decision to stop taking communion because of it, and a parishioner whose adult children no longer attend mass. Each told about the personal impact these events have had on their lives, making the film a very moving and emotionally charged narrative.  The MULS RJI’s objective in creating the documentary was not only to provide an experience that would promote dialogue within the Catholic Church, but also for others who want to initiate a dialogue about the harm that is created when a person in a position of trust uses the relationship to sexually assault a child.

We filmed the circle for the purpose of creating a mechanism to help people, churches (Catholic as well as other denominations), seminaries, victims' groups and others to see the faces of victims, to understand the ripple effect that the scandal has caused, and to generate discussion on how to help repair the harm. It also is a terrific example of a restorative circle in action. If they wish, groups watching the video can divide it into three sections; victims, people working in the church, and members of the faith community. The DVD package includes discussion questions for the viewers to reflect on how they might work to repair the harm. The film is available either with a standard introduction, or with an introduction and prayer by New York Archbishop Dolan
Diane Knight, who is the Chair-Elect of the National Review Board of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, has endorsed the film in stating "I highly recommend "The Healing Circle" to anyone who has an interest in gaining a greater understanding of the depth and breadth of the impact of the clergy abuse crisis. The individual stories in this DVD are compelling, and they are a powerful springboard for meaningful discussion that can extend the healing process in all of us. This is a must see for anyone who cares deeply about this issue."
The DVD is 1:01:20 long in its standard version; 1:02:58 with an introduction by Archbishop Timothy Dolan. It can be obtained through the “Healing Circle Group” website at Any questions or comments about the film can be sent to Janine Geske, the director of the MULS RJI at