Source: (1999) Relational Justice Bulletin. July (3): 6-7. Downloaded 15 May 2003.

A probation office and youth justice offending team office, Michael Hitchings examines the prospects for rehabilitating relationships within the Probation Service. He expresses concern about what he terms “managerialismâ€? in the Probation Service: the preoccupation with management processes and the tendency to view these as the key to agency success. While Hitchings sees certain benefits in some of the new management emphases in the Service, he cautions that the work of the Service must be focused on and evaluated in terms of people and relationships. In this regard, he refers to the work of Mike Nellis in identifying key values that can support this focus on people and relationships: restorative justice; anti-custodialism; and community safety. Hitchings also discusses the significance of relational justice for the work of the Probation Service.

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