Source: (2005) VOMA Connections. Summer(20): 5-12. Downloaded 21 October 2005.

(Editor’s note: The following article is divided into three parts, which can be given the abbreviated terms, “Introduction,” “Principles,” and “Statement.” In 2004, all three parts were published together as one document. The New Zealand Ministry of Justice prepared the first two parts and the New Zealand-based Restorative Justice Network wrote the third. The latter two parts of this article, the “Principles” and the “Statement,” are each introduced by their separate corporate authors, the Ministry of Justice and the Restorative Justice Network. Occasionally throughout this article, VOMA Connections has added text, often within parentheses, that clarifies the text that follows for non-New Zealand readers of this publication. No substantive terms or passages have been altered. The original text contains footnotes, which have been moved up into the main body of the text to fit the format of this publication. These footnotes are either incorporated into the text or bracketed or placed within parentheses. Otherwise, only stylistic changes have altered the original text. This article is reprinted with permission.) (excerpt)

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