Source: (2000) Auckland, New Zealand: Restorative Justice Trust.

This extensive manual covers practices and procedures to be tested and revised through a restorative justice pilot program in New Zealand. It is intended to be a practical tool for facilitators of restorative justice conferences. The authors of the manual begin by examining principles and practices of restorative justice, including a review of its history and relevant New Zealand law. They discuss cultural or customary perspectives and practices of various ethnic groups in New Zealand. Material on restorative justice conferences covers the foundations and processes of such conferences. The section on facilitators includes information on selection of facilitators, their responsibility and role, guidelines, and a code of ethics. Forms are provided as practical aids and guides. Specific appendices cover a number of topics, such as victims and the restorative justice conference, child sexual abuse and domestic violence with respect to restorative justice, and the relationship between restorative justice and mediation.