Source: (2004) Paper presented at "New Frontiers in Restorative Justice: Advancing Theory and Practice", Centre for Justice and Peace Development, Massey University at Albany, New Zealand, 2-5 December.

" No-Blame" is a restorative approach to classroom bullying in schools. Devised and first trialled in 1991 by George Robinson and Barbara Maines, it utilises a support-group process, facilitated by a trained staff member. The membership of the group is selected by the bullying victim and will typically comprise both bullying and non-bullying students. The group is given responsibility for firstly, identifying the root causes of the victim' s distress and secondly, restoring the victim' s rightful place in the class community. Through participation in the support group, the bullying students fulfil their obligations both to the victim and the class as a whole. Abstract courtesy of the Centre for Justice and Peace Development, Massey University,