The fourth prize will be awarded to a public official whose work has led to significant advances in the implementation of restorative justice. 

  1. The significance of the advances may be demonstrated in terms of scale, innovation, or other ways of measuring societal impact. 
  2. The focus is on implementation of the advances, although conceptual, design, promotional or other work preceding or following implementation may be considered in awarding the prize. 
  3. Finally, the criterion of substantial responsibility acknowledges that most achievements in restorative justice are the result of activity by many people.  The recipient public official should have played a uniquely significant role within the joint effort. 

Nominations may be submitted between November 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011.

The Centre is the justice reform arm of Prison Fellowship International, an association of NGOs in 120 countries. One of the Centre’s projects is to develop and maintain


Download the nomination guide.