Source: (2007) In Emmanuel Clapsis, ed., Violence and Christian Spirituality An Ecumenical Conversation. Geneva, Switzerland: World Council of Churches. Pp. 56-62.

"We cannot possibly combat violence and establish a just and permanent peace unless we work towards helping humanity to act efficiently against inhuman situations that generate enmity, contention and violence. Peace is not realized as a moral good by and in itself. It is closely linked with the most elementary human values and practised as a permanent involvement of the human condition on all levels. It is precisely here that we must concentrate our efforts during the remaining years of the Decade to Overcome Violence, and beyond, It is true that when we inaugurated this Decade we had many expectations and hopes. We still have. But our common journey in this Decade, and in the years and probably the decades that will follow, can be efficient only in the strength of a deep spirituality and of constant prayer. For it is in prayer that Christians rediscover the redemptive and liberating action of the love of God for humankind." (Abstract)