Source: (2000) VOMA Connections. Spring 2000, Number 5. Pp. 8.

Martin McAnallen in this article reports on two incidents in Northern Ireland that demonstrate how significant it is for victims to be able to express their feelings in the wake of their being victimized. One involved a bomb hoax that led to a considerable loss of business for shop owners. Following arrest and conviction of the perpetrator, a meeting was arranged between the young offender, his parents, and some of the shop owners. This led to positive outcomes for the victims and the offender. The other case involved harm caused by a young man’s burglaries at a therapeutic community and support center for people recovering from mental illness. After arrest and sentencing of the offender, a conference was arranged between the offender, his parents, and two victims (workers at the center). This meeting also led to positive outcomes and feelings for the participants.

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