Source: (1999) Paper presented at Bolton Day 1999, The Spirit Within: Restorative Justice - Challenges for the New Millenium, North Vancouver, Canada, May 27-28. St. Leonard’s Society of Canada. Downloaded 14 January 2005.

While being victimized by crime is not desirable, Wendy van Tongeren Harvey and Judith Daylen ask whether a person could be a victim of crime in the Canadian criminal justice system and complete the experience altered in a positive way. What would this look like? What would it involve in terms of relationships, competencies, perspectives, behaviors, emotions, intelligence, and the human spirit? Certainly some people have been victimized by crime, have gone through the criminal justice system, and have been altered in positive ways. They have come out as “thriversâ€? not merely as “survivorsâ€? or “copers.â€? In this context, Harvey and Daylen seek to encourage a dialogue that celebrates thriving in the wake of being a crime victim, and that holds out that possibility for others who face the challenge of crime victimization. They do this by exploring the criminal justice perspective on crime victimization, the criminal justice system itself, reforms to deal with crime victims better, and psychological perspectives on victimization.