Source: (2002) Paper made on behalf of the Criminological Scientific Council of the Council of Europe. RJ City bibliography, Resorative Justice Online

Pelikan concentrates on the framework of restorative justice (RJ) as applied in various ways in the European context, including policy considerations for the Council of Europe. The social, participatory/democratic, and reparative elements of restorative justice raise questions as to what place there can be in the Criminal Justice System (CJS) for attending to human needs, active participation of affected parties, and issues of compensation and reparation. Most European RJ programmes take the form of diversions under the CJS, through mediation or conferencing, while prison-reintegration processes and sentencing circles are practiced in some countries. Pelikan argues from Council of Europe Recommendation No. R (99) 19 and others for further development of RJ principles and sufficient autonomy within the CJS.

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