Source: (2001) Chilliwack, British Columbia: Chilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Diversion Association.

The Chilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Diversion Association (CRJYDA) is a nonprofit organization in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Begun in the late 1990s and rooted in restorative justice principles and practices, it offers diversionary alternatives to the court system for first-time young offenders. This manual details its operations. Following an introduction to the organization and its rules for restorative practice, the manual provides extensive, practical information on program administration. Sections cover the following information: CRJYDA's mission statement and purposes; CRJYD's formation as a nonprofit organization; organization and operation of the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers; the nature and functioning of the diversion process; and a description of CRJYDA's collaboration with community organizations and other resources. Numerous appendices add more detailed information in areas such as these: resource list of restorative justice models; organizational by-laws; sample budget; organizational chart; sample partnership contracts and agreements; statistics; a volunteer application form; a youth alternative measures form; and a glossary of terms.

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