• How could Reeva’s life be honoured in the longer term and perhaps be seen as symbol of the countless other less famous women who have suffered similar fates? One way of doing this could be to establish a trust in her name to raise and disseminate funds for services in the area of intimate partner violence.
  • How do we draw attention in ongoing ways to the reality that a young woman’s life has been lost in a complex mix of fear, interpersonal relations and the availability of firearms, and that this reflects the vulnerability of so many South Africa women in their homes?
  • In what practical ways can Pistorius accept responsibility for Steenkamp’s death, and are there ways in which he can make things right? Are there ways he could contribute to addressing the broader issues of intimate partner violence and the risks that firearms pose? Are there ways in which he could acknowledge the privilege he has experienced even during this trial, and work to make the justice system more accessible to all?
  • What risk does Pistorius pose to South African communities and society, given his apparent love of firearms and his reckless attitude in using them? What steps could be taken to help him realise how problematic this behaviour and attitude is and support him in changing it?
  • Are there ways that this sentence could be used to promote greater awareness of the sanctity of human life and how fragile it is?

Even though the sentence has been decided on, perhaps these matters can still be attended to during the course of the sentence.

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