Source: (2005) In Traggy Maepa, ed., Beyond Retribution: Prospects for Restorative Justice in South Africa. Monograph no. 111, February. Pretoria, South Africa: Institute for Security Studies, with the Restorative Justice Centre. Downloaded 9 August 2005.

This article examines the policy initiatives developed in South Africa to address restorative justice issues. Among the categories analyzed are legislation, South African Reform Commission projects, policy white papers and strategies. Specifically, Batley examines the Probation Services Amendment Act, the Child Justice Bill, and Reform Discussion papers concerning a new sentencing framework, Community Dispute Resolution Structures, and out of court settlements. The policy white papers discussed are the White Paper for Social Welfare and the White Paper on Safety and Security. Batley concludes that these strategies and policies have provided a positive framework that needs to be implemented in order for restorative justice to take hold in the South African justice system, noting that the principles are sound, but it remains to be seen whether their implementation will achieve the desired results. Abstract courtesy of the Marquette University Law School-Restorative Justice Initiative