Source: (2007) In Emmanuel Clapsis, ed., Violence and Christian Spirituality An Ecumenical Conversation. Geneva, Switzerland: World Council of Churches

"Now, the world is responding to this situation with growing concern and determination. The UN Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World is addressing violence in many different ways and has generated significant alliances and measures to prevent violence and educate for peace. The World Health Assemby has declared violence prevention to be a public health priority, thus requesting all member states to establish violence prevention programmes within their health ministries. In this context the churches united in the World Council of Churches have, from the beginning of the discussions concerning such a decade, taken action to respond to the challenge of violence by declaring the years 2001 through 2010 a Decade to Overcome Violence (DOV) and have made it a priority of our common witness." (Abstract)