Source: (2012) Nevada Law Journal. 12:333-340.

Jennifer Brown and Linda Wolf do a wonderfully incisive job of drawing out the promise of restorative attorney discipline.1 In this Comment, I focus more on the paradoxes described in their essay. I redefine their three main paradoxes inherent in attorney discipline as the paradox of impunity, the paradox of injustice, and the paradox of consumerism: • The paradox of impunity is that punitive attorney discipline produces widespread impunity. • The paradox of injustice is that consumers receive less justice when they suffer injustice at the hands of justice practitioners than when they suffer injustice at the hands of providers of non-justice goods and services. • The paradox of consumerism is that if victims of justice system injustice are treated as consumers, they will suffer more injustice. Like Brown and Wolf, I agree that applying restorative justice to attorney discipline can help dissolve these paradoxes.

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