Source: (2001) ICPA News (December): 10, 12, 13.

In this article, Jackie Katounas recounts her personal transformation from offender to ex-offender to restorative justice practitioner in New Zealand. Currently she works with a restorative justice program in the Hawkes Bay Regional Prison, where she facilitates restorative justice conferences among inmates and victims (when available and willing). While many focus on restorative justice as a pre-sentence option, she finds great value in it in the post-sentence phase. Fred McElrea, writing from personal knowledge of Jackie’s work, tells of his own appreciation and advocacy of restorative justice, beginning with his work as a Youth Court Judge. He envisions restorative justice as an approach to conflict resolution, involving all interested parties or stakeholders, that should be available in all prisons, and that is applicable beyond criminal justice.

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