Source: (2005) In,Chan, Janet B.L. editor, Reshaping Juvenile Justice. The NSW Young Offenders Act 1997 The institute of Criminology Series No 22, Sydney pp.73-99

A youth justice conferencing is a decision-making forum in which the young offender his/her family/support group meet face-to-face with the victim of the offence and his/her family/support group. Its basic functions are to discuss the offending and the harm done to the victim, to encourage acceptance of the responsibility by the offender for his/her behaviour, to negotiate some form of restitution to the victim and to reintegrate the offender into hi/her family and community network. The relatively informal meeting is held in a non-threatening environment and is facilitated by a convenor specifically trained and recruited for the task. This study evaluated the participant satisfaction with both the conferencing process and the conference outcome plans. (excerpt)