Source: (1999) Paper prepared to be presented at TRC : Commissioning the Past. Witz University 11-14 June 1999. Downloaded 3 March 2004.

There is no prescriptive or single method that should be used for dealing with the past. The interplay between remembering, forgetting and moving on after decades of violence is complex and country specific. Forgetting and drawing a line through the past, it could be argued, is as much a method for dealing with the past as remembering and truth recovery. In South Africa for example, contrary to popular belief, remembering and forgetting have marched a line very close to one another. On one hand the African National Congress (ANC) government has stressed the importance of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), but at the same time it has always hoped that it would be a focused and short-term remembering project. (excerpt)

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