Source: (2001) In Thinking peace, making peace, eds. Barry Hindess and Margaret Jolly, 21-35. Occasional Paper Series 1/2001. Collection of papers presented at the Academy of the Social Sciences annual symposium, 5 November 2000. Canberra: Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

In this paper, Walker investigates the question of peace in relation to claims about sovereignty in general and specifically modern forms of sovereignty in particular. He maintains that discussion about peace often revolves around claims about sovereignty. Some argue that sovereignty will persist indefinitely, and some argue that sovereignty will inevitably fade away with the rise of globalization, global civil society, and the like. In this context, Walker aims to consider sovereignty seriously and complexly without resorting to certain forms of “political realismâ€? or “political idealism.â€? He contends that grappling with conflict and peace in the modern world cannot be understood by asserting either the simple continuation of sovereignty or its imminent disappearance.

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