Source: (2010) In, Robert j. Schreiter, et. al, editors, Peacebuilding: Catholic theology, ethics, and praxis. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books. pp. 265-299.

In this essay I first identify some insights that Catholic social teaching offers as foundational for peacebuilding. The most important of these insights, I maintain, is the meaning of peace within the tradition. Following a treatment of biblical material and some classical Catholic sources is an examination of how modern Catholic social teaching talks about peace, particularly in relationship to others within the tradition. Three major themes - justice, development, and solidarity - are treated as particularly important for understanding the work of peacebuilding. In addition, there are comments about how other aspects of Catholic social teaching, such as participation, the option for the poor, and subsidiarity, further amplify a vision for peacebuilding. (excerpt)