Source: (2010) In, Robert j. Schreiter, et. al, editors, Peacebuilding: Catholic theology, ethics, and praxis. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books. pp. 155-189.

To attend to these areas of needed shift in Catholic social teaching on peace, it is helpful to look at the ways in which that teaching already links peace to deeply related areas of social concern. Peace, in the social teaching, is not merely the absence of overt conflict but is an enterprise of justice and the result of right relationships between persons. Human rights set the minimum conditions for these right relationships. In the economic sphere the relationships foster development. And none of the above is possible without the dedication to the common good demonstrated in the practice of solidarity. I will detail the four challenges to Catholic peacebuilding, therefore, in terms of the concepts of justice, human rights, development, and solidarity. (excerpt)