Source: (2010) In, Robert j. Schreiter, et. al, editors, Peacebuilding: Catholic theology, ethics, and praxis. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books. pp. 332-365.

This chapter focuses on how dialogue between the Catholic church and other religions can contribute to peacebuilding and reconciliation. It begins with reflections on the official Catholic teaching on interreligious dialogue and its role in peacemaking and reconciliation, with special attention to John Paul II. Next it discusses various activities and strategies for peacevuilding and reconciliation in the context of interfaith dialogue, with references to the interreligious activities of Asian Catholics, particularly in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. Finally, in light of these grassroots interfatih activities for peace and reconciliation some insights are offered on the Catholic theology of peacebuilding and the Catholic practice of interreligious dialogue to achieve peace, justice, and reconciliation. (excerpt)