The initial meeting was the first time in Lancashire that a victim had gone into prison to meet the person who committed a crime against them.

....The burglar has since stayed away from crime and Mrs Foxley has been working with police to set up the county’s first Victim and Community Advisory Panel in Colne, to help police improve how crime is dealt with.

Lesley Miller, justice manager for Lancashire Constabulary, said: “The meetings between Margaret and the offender have been filmed since the first time that they met.

“The footage is now being edited and when it is completed we hope to use it to promote restorative justice with other agencies and in prisons.

“The story of Margaret and the offender is an excellent example of how effective restorative justice can be.

“Although we can write about their meetings, to watch them and see the emotion captured on film really shows how well restorative justice works.”

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