Source: (2012) Paper presented at "Approaches to Restorative Practices in Our Schools and Communities," Thursday 24th May 2012, Fitzpatrick’s Castle Hotel, Killiney, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

Building trust through relationships and structures where people have their place secured is a restorative challenge. Quality relationships are essential to our human growth and possibilities. Any community educator, formal or informal; any organisational learning or training officer, needs to acknowledge the relational dimension of learning and create a quality relationship base for her/his work. To make relationships freely and responsibly, to cross lines of difference with greater ease, to be open to others regardless of their identity, are all gifts that each person needs in the modern world. Open and trusting relationships are at the heart of daily well being that human beings continually need with others. To hear other experiences, to build understanding, to develop shared respect and shared values are key experiences in creating and sustaining fair and open societies, societies continually working to lessen inequality and addressing inequalities of access and opportunity, societies that restore, enable and heal. (excerpt)

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