Source: (1998) Washington, D.C.: National Institute of Corrections, Community Corrections Division. Downloaded 10 February 2005.

Community & Justice Solutions initiated its collaboration with Deschutes County and NIC by conducting structured interviews with 85 Deschutes County community members and policymakers. Through this interview process, CJS intended not only to document the change process in Deschutes County, but also to provide County leaders with the opportunity to reflect on current conditions, their history of progress, and the challenges ahead as they consider the next steps in establishing a community justice system. The interviewees, who represent a broad cross-section of roles and interests, were asked about the concept and practice of community justice, where it stands today in Deschutes County, their vision for their community, strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of community justice, and what needs to happen next. Though a range of knowledge and opinion was expressed, distinct and consistent patterns emerged that are discussed in the body of this report. (excerpt)

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