Source: (2004) Briefing Paper. Cultures & Civilisations Dialogue, ASEF "Talks on the Hill". Asia Europe Foundation. Downloaded 24 November 2004.

Christina Joseph prepared this document as a briefing paper for participants in a dialogue hosted by the Asia-Europe Foundation in 2004. As the title indicates, she surveys philosophical, religious, and contemporary ideas that cluster over time around the concept and pursuit of justice. She begins with an introduction to the concept of justice. This leads to a summary of major philosophical treatments of justice from Plato to Rawls. Joseph looks next at religious conceptions of justice in Confucianism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity, and Islam. Turning then to contemporary ideas about justice, she sketches the main systems of law in the world today, as well as current debates on social organization and justice. With emphasis on restorative justice, crime and social control, police and community, and global changes, Joseph concludes with a discussion of contemporary influences and future developments in the implementation of justice.