Figures released by Norfolk police for the last quarter show that just 10.4pc of children and young people and 14pc of adults dealt with through the restorative approach go onto reoffend. They also show that:

  • 85pc of victims said they had confidence in the police using restorative justice
  • 89pc of participants were satisfied with the outcome
  • 87pc of participants feel restorative justice is effective in dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour
  • 93pc of particants are satisfied with their treatment
  • 83pc of participants are confident in the ability of police and partners to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour having been exposed to restorative justice

 ...Peter Merry, head of criminal justice at Norfolk and Suffolk Police, said: “We utilise restorative justice to deliver an outcome that is valued by the victim, makes a difference to the community and which impacts positively on offending behaviour.

“We use the professionalism, commitment, dedication, judgement, skills and training of our staff, those of partner agencies and our citizens themselves to make a real difference to the communities of Norfolk. It’s about listening and responding to the needs of those we serve fairly and inclusively, as a collective.”

 ...The process also offers good value for money with an average restorative justice intervention costing £25 per person compared to £1,036 for each person placed through the court system.

 ...All of Norfolk’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams have the ability to use restorative justice to address crime issues and anti-social behaviour with members of the panels being asked to come up with ideas to ensure that those caught for minor offences can make a positive contribution to society.

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