....The review carried out by Central Scotland Police found that Strathclyde officers who had dealt with Ms Ross had "lacked respect".

They initially treated her concerns as a "non-urgent" case and did not visit Kalyanjee's flat, which was close to the police station.

The report also said a civilian worker logged the report in the wrong place and Ms Ross was left in a public waiting room even after officers knew her sons were dead.

Strathclyde Police Assistant Chief Constable George Hamilton said the errors in the investigation "must not be allowed to happen again".

"There is no doubt in my mind that we could and should have treated Ms Ross better when she first arrived at the police station," he said.

"I am truly sorry about the way things unfolded and I apologised to Ms Ross when I met with her and her local MSP last November.

"The review did show that we carried out the investigation thoroughly and that, unfortunately, by the time Ms Ross came to the police station her children had already been killed.

"That does not excuse the way we treated her. She deserved better and I am extremely sorry that we did not show her the compassion that her awful situation merited."

Assistant Chief Constable Hamilton said lessons had been learned from the review and "the appropriate actions" had been taken to implement them.

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