Source: (2001) A report to the National Institute of Justice. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice.

There are two basic aims in this report on policing on American Indian reservations. The first is to look at policing in Indian Country to understand the current situation better, assess challenges that face Indian policing, and identify policing strategies to respond successfully to crime on reservations. The second is to evaluate the prospects for community policing in Indian Country. After an introduction to the study goals and organization of the report and an overview of conclusions and recommendations, the report provides a survey of the context of policing and crime trends in Indian Country. Next is an examination of the organization and management of police departments on reservations. This examination includes a close look at four Indian police departments. Then comes a discussion of the history of federal policy and policing in Indian Country, as well as an analysis of the contemporary problem with respect to this relationship. This leads to detailed explanation of the conclusions and recommendations derived from the study. Two appendices present the study methodology and information on the survey respondents and questionnaires.

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