Source: (2003) In, Lode Walgrave, ed., Repositioning Restorative Justice. Devon: Willan Publishing. Pp. 284-295.

Grazia Mannozzi asserts that the link between crime and punishment has weakened in the Italian criminal justice system. Punishment is no longer the inevitable consequence of the commission of an offense. Moreover, even when applied, punishment only deals with the symptoms of the offense, not the real nature of the offense and its consequences. All of this led to a paradoxical situation in which more repressive laws were adopted but the actual response to crime was increasingly more lenient. In this context, Mannozzi examines recent reforms in the Italian criminal justice system that profoundly modify the structure of that system. Specifically, she looks at provisions for mediation in the Italian legal system, and the office of the “justice of the peaceâ€? (honorary judges, not professional or career judges) in relation to mediation.