ABC News is in the early stages of producing a series built around the journeys of people who have survived personal trauma. In each hour-long episode, we’re hoping to profile a person who has decided to meet someone from their past who has either directly or indirectly inflicted trauma upon them. We hope to follow a professional as he or she meets both with the survivor and the person they plan on meeting. When both people are ready, we then hope to ultimately film a dialogue between these two parties.

....If there is anyone who follows your site who is interested in getting involved in this project, and who feels there may be a chance that the person who has inflicted trauma would be willing to be involved, please encourage them to send me an email with their story at We would then take the follow-up steps to contact the person whom they wish to meet. While it is more difficult to facilitate a dialogue when the other party is incarcerated, it is not an impossibility, and those people should not feel discouraged from emailing me.

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