Source: (2003) Te Ara Whakatika: newsletter of the court-referred restorative justice project. November/December(19). Ministry of Justice, New Zealand. Downloaded 9 February 2004. Pp. 1.

Pat Atkinson works for the Waitakere Restorative Justice Community Group in New Zealand. She has facilitated more than twenty restorative justice conferences for the court-referred project there. Jay Clarke is a facilitator on Waiheke Island, where he has facilitated about thirty restorative justice conferences. In this article, they emphasize the importance of pre-conferencing xe2x80x93 the amount of preparation carried out before a conference xe2x80x93 to promote positive results for both the victim and the offender from a restorative justice conference. They use her own experiences as facilitators to provide concrete examples of pre-conferencing preparation and results.

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