This guidance provides an overview of the processes involved in the delivery of pre-sentence RJ. However, variations and alternative processes may be developed at a local level. Processes will be influenced in part by future commissioning arrangements for the delivery of restorative justice services. 

...Learning from early pathfinder projects has shown that processes for the delivery of pre-sentence RJ can be complex and effective partnership working is essential. It is likely that delivery will involve numerous agencies and organisations such as the police, probation, youth offending teams, victims services, RJ providers and the courts. Agencies and organisations will need to work together to establish processes such as the initial referral mechanism, effective communication channels and information sharing protocols. 

It is envisaged that pre-sentence RJ will fit within wider RJ strategies to make RJ available at all stages of the criminal justice system. This will for example, help ensure that if a victim does not wish to participate in pre-sentence RJ then processes are in place to offer them the opportunity to participate in RJ post-sentence.


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