Source: (2004) London: Restorative Justice Consortium. Downloaded 22 April 2005.

This Statement of Principles is a revised version of the Statement of Restorative Justice Principles published in 2002.These Principles form the basis for restorative practices in all settings, using all models, where the primary aims are to repair harm and promote dialogue.This document will be reviewed on a regular basis and may be amended following consultation. This document will be followed by an explanatory document, which will go through each principle and explain in more detail their meaning. This will be particularly aimed at those new to Restorative processes. Restorative practices are underpinned by a set of values, these include: Empowerment, Honesty, Respect, Engagement, Voluntarism, Healing, Restoration, Personal Accountability, Inclusiveness, Collaboration, and Problem-solving. (excerpt)

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