Source: (2009) Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice. 21(3): 330-338.

‘‘Not another article about a NGO [nongovernmental organization] in Rwanda,’’ you might say. Just as the world ignored Rwanda in the grips of the 1994 genocide, today, it’s hard to open a newspaper or journal without finding a reflection on Rwanda post-genocide. So many foreign NGOs are presently involved in rebuilding the country. That’s why our newly registered Canadian charity, Just.Equipping (www.justequipping. org), was hesitant to go and work in Rwanda in 2006, when invited there by John Ngabo. What tipped the scales was the fact that John is a prison chaplain and that prisons, although over-crowded with prisoners, are not the preoccupation of most NGOs in Rwanda. Just.Equipping is therefore a different type of NGO: working on a number of projects, it equips and trains prisons chaplains, specifically, in restorative justice modules. (Excerpt).