Source: (2006) Portland:Willan PUblishing.

This book provides a comprehensive, critical introduction to the main debates and dilemmas associated with prisons and imprisonment, bringing together a selection of key readings on the subject. The readings are organized into five sections, each of which is accompanied by commentaries by the editors. The editors also provide an introduction and conclusion to the book which contextualise current debates about imprisonment against the backdrop of nineteenth - and twentieth-century developments, and prison populations elsewhere in the world. Key questions addressed are: how 'new' is the 'new punitiveness' we are said to be witnessing within the 21st-century penal system? Why do some countries seem to have developed such a deep cultural attachment to the prison? Where do people get their ideas about prison from, and what role do the media play in shaping public opinion about imprisonment? Together, the editorial commentaries provide an essential context for readings and a guide to the key issues and debates. (publisher's description)