Source: (2006) In, Report on the 2006 COnference -- 'Beyond Retribution.' Aukland, NZ: Prison Fellowship New Zealand. pp. 141-149

This paper examines the development of prisoner reintegration policy and strategy in New Zealand, and compares local policy development to trends elsewhere. It argues for the further research and development of a comprehensive reintegration framework which involves community organisations and volunteers in the support and sanction of offenders within the community (i.e. a “continuum of care” approach) and proposes a strategy which not only prepares prisoners and recently released inmates to be productive, contributing members of the community, but also prepares communities to support, sustain, and when necessary, sanction the return of offenders to the community under a wide range of release conditions. The emphasis is on a model that encourages community and justice agencies to be partners in a process in which the principles of restorative and community justice apply. (author's abstract)

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