Source: (2006) Government of Western Australia. Office of Crime Prevention.

The project aimed to examine how the introduction and development of a communitarian approach to restorative justice practices in the Roebourne area could be achieved. The research aimed to discover if locally driven and sustainable grass-roots leadership could be maintained. The project also had to address two of the key funding priorities of the Office of Crime Prevention: the creation of civil, robust and resilient communities and crime reduction and prevention systems. The research was required to: 1) Contribute to the knowledge base concerning the use of restorative justice, especially where there has been previous experience of community division and conflicts; 2) Develop the ability of grass roots community members, particularly Aboriginal people, to provide a sustainable response to crime in partnership and collaboration with other key players; 3) Build on community strengths within the region in regard to resolving conflicts, supporting victims of crime and challenging the behaviour of people who offend; 4) Explore the experience of justice and fairness among all participants prior to and following implementation of the project. (excerpt)

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