Source: (1998) In Support for crime victims in a comparative perspective, ed. Ezzat Fattah and Tony Peters, 13-19. A collection of essays dedicated to the memory of Prof. Frederic McClintock. With a preface by Ezzat Fattah and Tony Peters. Leuven, Belgium: Leuven University Press.

In this preface, McClintock introduces several issues concerning the victim movement, particularly in Western Europe. While concentrating on crime victimization, he recognizes other forms of victimization, such as victimization due to natural disasters; and he argues that understanding and responding to crime victimization cannot be isolated from other types of victimization. Concentrating however on crime victimization, he points out the lack of concern for crime victims in Western criminal justice systems until recently. As this is now changing in many countries, issues that need to be addressed include the role of local communities and non-professionals in crime response and victim assistance, compensation to victims, mediation between victims and offenders, and crime prevention strategies in relation to victimization and social control.