Source: (2006) In, Report on the 2006 COnference -- 'Beyond Retribution.' Aukland, NZ: Prison Fellowship New Zealand. pp.111-117.

PendingRehabilitation should be concerned with equipping offenders with the capabilities and values to live prosocial and personally meaningful lives. is depends on the acquisition of accurate knowledge of the social and physical world, development of a robust understanding of their own values and standards, the ability to pursue their own personal good in specific environments, and being able to utilise the resources they require to overcome routine obstacles in the pursuit of that good. ese two sets of capacities are embedded in a narrative identity that reflects peoples’ commitments, personal projects or goals, and subsequent activities. Narratives are stories of past experience and sets of expectations about future experiences and lives. ey both guide the actions of individuals and shape their experiences and lives (Kekes, 1993; Ward & Stewart, 2003). A person’s sense of who he is emerges from his personal projects and activities in the world. (excerpt)

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